Exciting Announcement

To ensure the future of this ACDSpotlight, we have partnered with the new ACDCU (Australian Cattle Dog Club United). The premier issues of the new Spotlight is coming very, very soon.

  • The premier issue features the 2018 ACDCU Jubilee in Tennessee
  • ACDCU Membership News
  • Upcoming Jubilee Information
  • Tale of the Tail
  • Feature Article by Narelle Hammond
  • ACDJuniors News
  • Classified Ads

ACD Photo Album Reprint 2018


It's HERE!!

Link in the ad is obsolete - please click on the photo or the link below
to see the ebook on Amazon.com

Here's the link to the ebook on Amazon!

Note: Due to the huge file size of over 800 pages with over 700 photos this will never appear in print. It would simply cost too much. This was the very best way to present this at this time.

You can view it on a computer, tablet, or phone using the free Kindle App. If you don't already use the app or Kindle site, download it and request a sample of this book. The sample includes 80 pages (10% of the book) which will give you a good idea of what is included.

It doesn't include the index of all the dogs pictured, however. If you would like a pdf of the index shoot me a message.

Attention all SilverDust Owners

Issue postponed due to the lack of editing time (I totally underestimated how much work this issue would be). Still accepting submissions. Especially looking for photos and stories that are ready to go and do not need to be written.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact me ASAP. Jean & I are happy to do any graphic editing or assist you with featuring your great SilverDust dogs past & present. Any stories about your dogs or about Deb Casey are most welcome! This is the best way to honor Deb's memory. She was all about her dogs. They were her reason for everything.