Upcoming ACDSpotlight Issue

The ACDSpotlight is back on the tracks! A very heartfelt THANK YOU to all the advertisers, contributors, and readers who have expressed how much this publication means to you. For now, I am simply updating the deadlines (I know Deb always said, "NEVER MISS YOUR DEADLINE!" But, she left very big paw prints to fill. Advertising and downloading of issues will continue to be completely free for now!

Our last issue of the ACDSpotlight has the highest reading stats of any issue. Over 2000 FB views alone. The upcoming issue will have a deadline of  December 15, 2017, so get your ads in soon to be seen in the Spotlight.

April 2009 Issue and April 2013 we published a section called Dogs With Jobs. We had a great response to that issue and would like to do this again. If you have an ACD that has a job; herding, sport, service, hero dog, drug, police, SAR, therapy,  or any label that gives them a job, please send us your photo and information. For more information, check out the Spring 2009 issue and April 2013 issue.

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I will be updating the STUD DOG issue. Deadline for this stand alone issue will be January 1, 2018. This is a worldwide edition, open to everyone. The stand alone issue will be available on the acdspotlight web site and FB for all to view. This new updated issue will be two full pages of photos, health info, video and web site links *for each dog*.

ACDSpotlight - 12/15/17 (includes ACDCA National Specialty news)

StudDog Issue - 1/1/2018 (please update your 2014 dogs as well as send new studs) View a template for the 2018 issue and contact below if you would like assistance

Spring 2018 ACDSpotlight - Dogs with Jobs - 2/15/18 (see above)
Summer 2018 ACDSpotlight - Deb Casey Memorial Issue 5/15/18
Fall ACDSpotlight - 8/15/18 Published before ACDCA Nationals!

Please send all information to info@acdspotlight.com to be included in the new issue.

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